2022 NBA Draft Trade Tracker: Knicks send pistons to Kemba Walker. The 76ers picked up D Anthony Milton

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The NBA Draft has always been a hotbed of trade, but 2022 was particularly obsessive. Lots of deals were made by competing teams seeking to get top picks, and for the future to be considered by auctioning off the pieces through franchise reconstruction.

Despite much preparation, the biggest name to change teams on Thursday night was Guard Kamba Walker, who moved from the New York Knicks to the Detroit Pistons as New York caused a stir. Walker is expected to buy Detroit and become a free agent, while the Pistons have a number. 13 picks by Charlotte in Dell, which he used on the big man Jalan Durrani.

We keep track of all trades here from the 2022 NBA Draft. Take a look at what your favorite team did (or didn’t do) on Draft Night.

2022 NBA Draft Trade Tracker