2022 NBA Draft Live Grades: Pick-to-Pick Analysis, Full Draft Order as Paolo Banchero was first selected by Magic.

The 2022 NBA Draft is here, but its mysteries are still unsolved. Fake drafts have been submitted, some consensus has been reached and there is a lot of reaction from the fans.

Who will be the best of our expected top three, Paolo, Chat or Jabari? If asked, how will Jaden Ivy perform the duties of lead guard? Can AJ Griffin rediscover his best form? Can Keegan Murray score in the NBA as he did in college? What about defense?

We won’t get answers to these questions tonight, but CBS Sports NBA Draft analysts Gary Parish and Kyle Bone are here to rate the values ​​that teams pick out of their selection overnight. Follow us here and watch our NBA Draft coverage all night on CBS Sports HQ here and in the video player on this page.

2022 NBA Draft First Round

Gary Parish’s degrees

1. Orlando Magic: PF Paolo Banchero, Duke

Although I take Chet Holmgren, I can’t say it’s wrong to take a bench. I think he is going to be the most influential player from the jump and the favorite to win the rookie of the year. It’s amazing if it’s sensible. He is a big, strong and skilled forward who can become an incredible building in Orlando. Grade: A.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder: C Chet Holmgren, Gonzaga

Concerns about Holmgren’s mediocre frame are justified – but he’s so unique with incredible potential that he’s the right choice here. This 7 foot rim protector that can bounce like a guard and reliably make 3 pointers. He has the upper hand in this draft and therefore should not go down here. Grade: A +

3. Houston Rockets

4. Sacramento Kings

5. Detroit Pistons

6. Indiana Pacers

7. Portland Trail Blazer

8. New Orleans Pelicans (from Lakers)

9. San Antonio Spurs

10. Washington Wizards

11. New York Knicks

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Clippers)

13. Charlotte Hornets

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

15. Charlotte Hornets (via Pelican)

16. Atlanta Hawks

17. Houston Rockets (via net)

18. Chicago Bulls

19. Minnesota Timber Wolves

20. San Antonio Spurs (from Raptors)

21. Denver Nuggets

22. Memphis Grizzlies (from Jazz)

23. Philadelphia 76ers

24. Milwaukee Box

25. San Antonio Spurs (from Celtics)

26. Houston Rockets (from Mavericks)

27. Miami Hat

28. Golden State Warriors

29. Memphis Grizzlies

30. Denver Nuggets (from the Sun through Thunder)

2022 NBA Draft Second Round

Kyle Bone’s degrees

31. Indiana Pacers (Rocket via Cavaliers)

32. Orlando Magic

33. Toronto Raptors (from pistons via spurs, wizards and bulls)

34. Oklahoma City Thunder

35. Los Angeles Lakers (from Pacers via Box & Magic)

36. Detroit Pistons (from Blazer)

37. Sacramento Kings

38. San Antonio Spurs (from Lakers via Bills and Wizards)

39. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Spurs via Jazz)

40. Minnesota Timber Wolves (from wizards via Cavaliers)

41. New Orleans Pelicans

42. New York Knicks

43. Los Angeles Clippers

44. Atlanta Hawks

45. Charlotte Hornets

46. ​​Portland Trail Blazer (from the net via piston)

47. Memphis Grizzlies (from Cavaliers by Pelicans and Hawks)

48. Minnesota Timber Wolves

49. Cleveland Cavaliers (from the Bulls through the Grizzlies, Pistons and Kings)

50. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Nuggets through 76ers)

51. Golden State Warriors (Raptors via 76ers)

52. New Orleans Pelicans (from Jazz)

53. Boston Celtics

54. Washington Wizards (from Mavericks)

55. Golden State Warriors

56. Cleveland Cavaliers (from heat to pacers)

57. Portland Trail Blazer (from Grizzlies by Jazz)

58. Indiana Pacers (from Sons)