2022 NBA Draft: 76ers trade Danny Green, no. Choose 23 Grizzlies for De’Anthony Melton.

By the 2022 NBA Draft, Philadelphia had 76ers. Actively shopping for your first round selection. In return to land the established talent. Well, they found a business partner.

Before it was their turn to choose, the Sixers agreed to trade numbers. 23 Overall selected and experienced forward Danny Green to Anthony Milton for Memphis Grizzlies. A source with the team’s knowledge confirmed the trade to CBS Sports. It was initially reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The move is significant for the Sixers, as they field a young, two-way player in Milton, who plans to fit in well with Joel Embed and James Harden in Philadelphia. Milton is a 36% long-range shooter, and has averaged 1.3 steals per performance. In addition, he is only 24 years old and has two years left on his current contract. On paper, he seems to be the exact role player with which the Sixers should surround their stars.

With a selection from the Sixers, Grizzlies selected Colorado State Guard David Rudy. Rudy has some serious upsets and should fit in well with the rest of Memphis’ youth cover.

At the moment, it’s not clear how much Danny Green will be able to contribute next season. The veteran tore both ACL and LCL in his left knee during the post-season, and is expected to lose a lot of time as a result. His contract for the 2022-23 season is non-bailable. Grizzlies have a contract guarantee until the beginning of July, or not.

It seems like it’s the kind of deal that both teams should feel good about. The Grizzlies managed to add another promising youngster to their emerging roster, while the Sixers, who are now in a strong winning mood, found a guy who could come in quickly and play his part. ۔

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76ers: This may not be the only move that will lead the Sixers to their first final since 2001, but it seems solid for a team that wants to win at the top level right now. Wing play and depth have been two issues for the Sixers this season, and Milton should help solve both. In addition, he is comfortable playing with the ball and working as a catch and shoot type player, so he should fit in with guys like Embed, Harden and Tyres Maxi. The fact that Milton is 24 years old and still in control of the team for two more seasons adds value to the deal for Philadelphia. Grade: B

Grizzlies: Given his current injury status, you can’t count Danny Green as a partner next season, so this trade is basically Rudy’s exchange for Memphis to Milton. In exchange, they found a smaller, cheaper player. They also found a guy who was defensively bigger and probably more versatile than Milton, which looks like they were going for. Rudy is a good goal scorer who can do a little bit of everything, although he needs to improve as a shooter beyond the arc. The Grizzlies are clearly banking on Rudy’s ability, and he certainly has a lot. Grade: B-